Time Travelers from the Umbrella House

A genius scientist with an extraordinary memory, driven by endless longing and love for his deceased sister, has dedicated himself to cutting-edge technological research, vowing to break the boundaries of life and death and reanimate his deceased loved ones. With his amazing memory, he has integrated an interdisciplinary body of knowledge in a short period of time and successfully developed an unprecedented time machine. This ingenious and complex device is an exquisite fusion of many cutting-edge scientific principles such as quantum entanglement, string theory, and hyperspace dynamics. With nervous anticipation, he activated the time machine and embarked on a century-long journey against the flow of time. However, the journey through space and time is not an easy one. When he sees the past with his own eyes, he is shocked to discover the truth of a dusty history. The author has cleverly hidden the ultimate answer to the question of life, death, family and historical destiny in a well-designed Easter egg. This Easter egg is like a hidden door, only those readers who have a good understanding of the details of the story can find clues between the lines and unlock the door, revealing the final choice of the scientists and the true direction of history. Let's take a journey of salvation through time and space together!